Wakefield: LIVE

Interactive show

Created by Laurence Rosier Staines
Developed with Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Brenden Hooke, Jane Watt & Pierce Wilcox

Demand staff: Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Brenden Hooke, Laurence Rosier Staines, Hayley Sullivan, Jane Watt & Pierce Wilcox
Digital production: Catalina Gouverneur & Kelly Pickett
Video: Thomas Hellier
Audio: Alex Wilson

Demand/Wakefield content: Brenden Hooke, Laurence Rosier Staines & Pierce Wilcox
Additional material: Nicole Meyer, Harrison Milas, Michael Richardson, Abraham Roisman & Symonne Torpy
Design by cast
Photographs by Clare Hawley & participants

All content during the shows created by the participants.

Produced by Sekrit Projekt