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Photograph by David Ma


"Rosier Staines offered participants a novel way to think, 
feel and experience ... immediately thrilling."
– Runway Conversations

"A highlight of Underbelly Arts ... dizzying and gone too quickly."
– Jared Richards (Pedestrian, Junkee)

"Winningly hilarious yet seemingly effortless.
Rosier Staines has a knack for writing musical comedies."
– Honi Soit

"An infectiously enthusiastic mania for pop culture,
storytelling and self-reflection."
– Dirt and Candy

"Wonderfully original and clever."
Concrete Playground

"Utterly hilarious."
– The Music

"Wonderfully funny, topical and intriguing."
– FilmInk

“Visceral, exciting and strange.”
Scene Point Blank

I’m a filmmaker, writer, director and producer from Sydney, Australia.

I’ve made four short films, directed several large-scale experiential shows and am the creator, director and producer of Caldera, a festival of fire and art held in Sydney.

In my work I’m interested the blurring of fact and fiction, narrativising, surrealism and human agency. My film and theatre work has appeared around the world.

I’m a founder of the Sekrit Projekt collective and the My Own Dad comedy sketch channel, and am working with director Jim Sharman on a feature film and a documentary. I’m also a musician, having played in several bands and served as composer and music director for films and theatre.

In 2017 I was a resident artist at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, where I developed the interactive show You Can Have It All. This year I received a work and research grant from the Ian Potter Cultural Trust for interactive work in London and Europe, and my animated series Romantis was selected for representation at the Cannes Marché du Film 2019.

As well as writing and directing, I have extensive experience as a video editor, story editor, assistant director and associate producer.

For professional enquiries, please get in touch below.