Interactive show
Underbelly Arts Festival 2017

Created by Laurence Rosier Staines

Tech by Thomas Hellier
Room 1 actors: Harriet Gordon-Anderson & Sienna Austin
Room 2 actors & camera: Hayley Sullivan, Brenden Hooke, Rob Johnson, Harriet Hope Streeter & Pierce Wilcox
Comperes, Factotums & Attendants: Miranda Aitken, Harriet Hope Streeter, Lisa Walker, Lucy Watson & Caitlin West

Script editors: Annika Blau & Pierce Wilcox
Design: Marcel Tabuteau
Associate producer, make-up & costume: Lisa Walker
Presented by Underbelly Arts Festival & Sekrit Projekt

Developed at PACT with mentorship by Clare Grant

A highlight of Underbelly Arts 2017, You Can Have It All pulls us into a surreal version of a world we all know: the trash TV binge watch. It's dizzying, silly and gone too quickly, a perfect trifecta to cover our current relationship to television as a cultural moment. A whirlwind.

– Jared Richards (Junkee, Broadsheet Sydney)